What Do Home Inspectors Look for?

You need to always ensure that you have read through the home inspection report before you proceed with handing over the money to purchase your dream house.  

Before making any financial decisions about the house you’re planning to buy, one of the most important and significant documents that you should look at is the home inspection report. Reports from home inspections would tell you things you should know about the house. In addition to that, a couple of lenders might ask for a copy of the home inspector’s report.  

So, what does Halifax home inspections include? Well, here are some of them: 

Appliances and Interiors 

Home inspections include the number of windows, cabinetry, counters, stairways, floors, and doors. These things are all included in the inspection report aside from any notes on any items that do not work as intended. The testing of every interior appliance that is included or built-in is also included in the home inspection. 

Settlement cracks, decking, deteriorating tread steps, and broken seals on the glass are included in home inspection. The garage door is even tested whether it is manual or automatic.  

AC or Heating 

The whole AC and heating system is examined to confirm it is in excellent condition. In addition to that, the suitable filters are inspected for accumulation. Chimney frame should be sound, whether it is constructed from brick or other materials. Chimneys should be clear of debris and other things. Supply pipes are checked for corrosion.  


Every electrical part is checked by home inspections to guarantee they are fit and running properly. Distribution panels, grounding equipment, and conductors are inspected for efficient operation. In addition to that, the location of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are included in the inspection report.  


Every pipe is inspected. This includes waste systems, vents, and drains. Home inspectors inspect for water egress and ingress. In addition to that, the sump pump is checked as well if present. Every drain is inspected for indications of mineral deposits, leakage, and the fitting of the right filtering apparatus.  

Roofing and Exterior Faults 

Home inspectors search for loose tiles or shingles on the roof. In addition to that, they will inspect the flashing for durability. Tree branches touching the home offers a pathway for rodents. In addition to that, they can threaten your home during serious storms. They will also inspect the gutters if they are filled with debris. Chimneys and skylights are also inspected for the right sealants.  

Structural Parts 

A professional home inspector climbs onto the roof and will search for penetration, condensation, and water damage. They will also inspect the foundation of your home. They will check the walls for mold or leaks. Floor cracks are also inspected. If the house has wooden flooring, they will inspect if the boards are tightly fit and don’t move. They will examine the ceilings to ensure it is free of leaks. They will also inspect if the ceiling is clear of debris. This is particularly true for areas around electrical fixtures.