The Dangers of Snow Pile

Snow piles happen whenever the snow actually begins to fly and the plows begin to pile up. Though snow is known for being pretty and soft, there can be a couple of hidden dangers in snow piles.  

You have to be wary of these dangers to help your kids and yourself stay safe during the cold months. Here are several reasons why you should hire Halifax snow removal to get rid of snow piles: 


Snow could refreeze and generate ice conditions whenever the sun goes down and temperatures start to cool. As melting happens, the water produced from the piles will try to naturally make its way to a drain or low spot.  

The sun will heat the surfaces throughout the day around the pile. This causes the pile to melt. Roadways, driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots can turn into a very slippery surface and dangerous as the sun starts to set.  

If possible, you should place piles as close as possible on the high side close a drain. This will help capture the water as the snow melts. The place around the piles might have to be salted as a precautionary measure. This will help get rid of the slippery conditions. 

Pile Placement 

Plow trucks need to be careful around the areas they place the pile after a snow storm. They need to prevent creating possible hazards. Piles have to be away from handicap accessible areas, driveway aprons, street corners, fire hydrants, and stop signs.  

Aside from that, they need to be kept as far away from the exit and entry points of properties. These piles can make exiting and entering a properly very hard and unsafe during an emergency.  

Kids Playing 

What might appear like a good winter fun, it can possibly a dangerous trap for kids. While they might appear sturdy and hard, snow piles might contain pockets of air or soft spots that can result in sinkholes. Children can fall into these things. This will cause the pile to collapse, trap the kid, and potentially result in suffocation. The kid could experience hypothermia if they survive.  

Though making snow angels and creating snow forts in those piles typically seen at your driveway’s apron, kids are usually not paying attention to snowplows and cars as they approach. It is very hard for drivers to see over piles while kids are playing. Sometimes, they have to plow into the pile to move away the snow from the road. The kid can be injured severely if close enough.  

Though playing on snow piles can be really enjoyable, there should always be an adult supervising the kids to guarantee that help can be provided immediately if something bad occurs.  

If your home has no area of staging or storing large piles of snow, you should hire a professional snow removal company. They typically offer relocation and hauling services for the snow. They’ve got the ability to haul the snow piles from your home to their snow disposal facility. Thus, it helps create a safe condition for your property.